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Writing Over / Kasper Andreasen

Roma Publication 193

Writing Over is a drawing atlas which focuses on the relationship between the gestures of drawing, writing and map-making. The book serves as companion volume to the instal­la­tion which was shown in 2012 at Netwerk in Aalst. The draw­ings which are partly derived from a personal and collective history are rendered in different types of land­scapes and maps. These are accom­pa­nied by an ‘Atlas Archive’; a study of surfaces used in this carto­graphic process – sketches, stamps, media images, engraving plates, notations – and a short story by Louis Lüthi, entitled ‘Unalaska Alaska’. 

Artist: Kasper Andreasen
Year: 2013
Design: Louis L├╝thi
Number of pages: 100
Size: 21 x 29 cm
ISBN: 9789077459911

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