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Untitled (September Magazine) / Paul Elliman

Roma Publication 210

Artist's book by Paul Elliman. In a glossy volume approaching 600 pages, Elliman has collected images from a variety of sources – fashion magazines, glamour photography and pornography – cropping and arranging the clippings in a manner that especially emphasises the presence of hands, along with the many gestures of which they are capable. Also prevalent in the spectrum of clothed, semi-nude and nude human forms are limbs, feet, torsos and erogenous zones. Without any text or explanation, the series takes on a mesmerising aspect wherein the action of flipping through the pages becomes a kind of meditative contemplation of the fragmented human body. Design: Julie Peeters.

Best Book Design from all over the World 2015

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Artist: Paul Elliman
In cooperation with: Vanity Press, London
Year: 2013
Design: Julie Peeters
Number of pages: 592
Size: 22x 29 cm
ISBN: 9789491843051

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