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The Molyneux Problem / Irene Kopelman

Roma Publication 189

In this book Kopelman meticulously describes five of her major projects in which she is dealing intensively with research, traveling, observing, and drawing. Her descriptions and work notes give insight in Kopelman's relation to sience and point out the distinction between what one knows and what one sees. More than showing results she shares a mental process evolving in every project. In Meditation Piece she draws a tiny desert stone for a month on a daily base. Halfway she notes: 'And still, I like spending time in front of the stone, in front of a problem that repeats itself every day. It's a familiar feeling, and therefor gentle to the mind. How will I go about today? The stone is the same; I am most probably not.'

The text has been adapted in collaboration with Moosje Goosen from an initial version written on the occasion of her doctoral dissertation, defended in September 2011.

Artist: Irene Kopelman
Year: 2012
Design: Roger Willems
Number of pages: 144
Size: 16.5 x 23.5 cm
ISBN: 978 90 77459 88 1

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