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SET / Na Kim

Roma Publication 251

This book features a collection of Na Kim’s work from 2006 to 2015 published on the occasion of her fourth solo exhibition, SET (named after this publication) at DOOSAN Gallery New York, from October 8 to November 5, 2015. For this book, fragments of her works are set in more or less personal categories, taking on a form reminiscent of a sample book. In contrast with other catalogues that are linked to an exhibition, published before the show’s opening, this book sketches the pre-exhibition content and establishes the guidelines for the imaginary stage set in the exhibition space.

With texts by Seewon Hyun and Wonhwa Yoon.

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Artist: Na Kim
Year: 2015
Design: Na Kim & Joris Kritis
Number of pages: 122
Size: 23 x 30 cm
ISBN: 9789491843440

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