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Notes on Representation Vol. 1-10 (Special edition box) / Irene Kopelman

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Box with a complete set of 10 volumes of Notes on Representation (2006-2019) by Irene Kopelman. Since 2006 these publications, with visual and written explorations around particular topics, have been an essential part of Kopelman's practice and give insight into investigative and analytical drawing as a tool for understanding. The box set is produced in an edition of 50 copies, each containing a unique signed drawing by Irene Kopelman in passe-partout, from the series Developing a Form of Affection (2019-2020).

Artist: Irene Kopelman
Year: 2020
Design: Roger Willems, Ayumi Higuchi
Number of pages: 10 books + drawing
Size: 29 x 8.5 x 21.5 cm

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