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Roma Publication 228

In this book, recent work by Marc Nagtzaam is shown together with installation views and some of his older drawings. As a result, the previous works can be viewed from the perspective of the new, and vice versa. Nagtzaam sees exhibitions and books as single works. The same compositional approach used when making the drawings is also reflected in the structure of this book. In this manner, Nagtzaam reveals the link between the hard-edge abstraction of the drawings, which can be read as architectural plans, and his spatial installations in which they function as elements in a larger composition, suggestive of an obscure organising principle.

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Artist: Marc Nagtzaam
In cooperation with: De Vleeshal, Middelburg
Year: 2014
Design: Marc Nagtzaam and Roger Willems
Number of pages: 64 + insert
Size: 22 x 29 cm
ISBN: 9789491843235

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