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Modelling Standard / Erick Beltrán, Jorge Satorre, Jorge Aviña

Roma Publication 214

Modelling Standard is the first collaborative project of artists Jorge Satorre and Erick Beltrán with drawings by Jorge Aviña. As a point of departure they took the radical historiographic turn introduced by Carlo Ginzburg in the 1970s who focused on localised, popular and disregarded micro-histories rather than universal, over-arching versions. The title Modelling Standard references the scientific concept of the Standard Model used in physics to explain the almost invisible interactions occurring between subatomic particles. Erick Beltrán and Jorge Satorre use both micro-historical methods and the metaphor borrowed from physics to create connections between small, insignificant hints and traces. These are taken from their heterogeneous references to build seemingly unlikely connections between literary references, personal experiences, historical data, trivia and scientific facts through the construction of a diagram. The result is a series of caricatures and texts through which the artists will construct a detective plot where Sigmund Freud, Carlo Ginzburg, Giovanni Morelli, Aby Warburg, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Joe Orton are the protagonists. Illustrations by Jorge Avina. Design: Roger Willems. 

Artist: Erick Beltrán, Jorge Satorre, Jorge Aviña
Number of pages: 64
Size: 24.5 x 34.5 cm
ISBN: 978 94 91843 10 5