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Kara Walker - MCMXCIX / Kara Walker

Roma Publication 304

This sketchbook was begun in Munich in 1999, when I was 29 years old. Like most sketchbooks it served as a portal between the real world and the realm of her imagination. Although it was never intended to be shared, nevertheless quite a bit of “work” came out of this particular book, including the installation ‘Insurrection! (Our Tools Were Rudimentary, Yet We Pressed On)’, which is in the collection of the Guggenheim Museum. That, however, is an exception to the rule. For the most part the pages in this sketchbook reflect uneasy, unrefined, unfinished thoughts and anxieties, written and drawn with no objectives, no ulterior motives, and no filters.

Kara Walker, July 2017

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Artist: Kara Walker
Year: 2017
Design: Roger Willems
Number of pages: 212
Size: 15 x 23 cm
ISBN: 9789491843990