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Copy Construct / Kasper Andreasen (editor)

Roma Publication 299

This exhibition publication is produced on the occasion of the group show Copy Construct held at the Cultural Centre Mechelen in the first half of 2017. Copy Construct departs from different artistic practices and specific works by artists that are based on 'reproduction' or 'copy'. Side by side, the exhibited works were shown in relation to printed matter and artist’s books. Initially produced as an exhibition guide, this revised version brings together some 25 autonomous contributions from the exhibited artists, a thematic introduction, an interview with the book collector Gregorio Magnani, as well as some images of the exhibition installation. The publication's bibliography offers a selected overview of exhibited books as seen per artist in recent decades. Curated and compiled by Kasper Andreasen.

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Artist: Kasper Andreasen (editor)
In cooperation with: Cultural Centre Mechelen
Year: 2017
Design: Joris Dockx
Number of pages: 68
Size: 19.7 x 27.1 cm
ISBN: 9789491843945

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