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Alexandra Leykauf / Alexandra Leykauf

Roma Publication 263

Alexandra Leykauf studied audio-visual media and photography, and is based in Berlin. In her work, she appropriates the gender-oriented or feminine cultural gaze via the medium of photography, playing with varying degrees of appropriation in order to reveal the superficiality of images. Leykauf often deconstructs various features of photography and cinema, thereby revealing the complexity inherent to the construction of images. This substantial artist’s book presents numerous of these appropriations and deconstructions, along with critical texts by Dominikus Müller, Jonathan Pouthier, Robert Barry, and Maria Barnas. A conversation with Leykauf completes this in-depth analysis.

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Artist: Alexandra Leykauf
Year: 2016
Design: Studio Felix Salut with Paul Bernhard
Number of pages: 240
Size: 20 x 28 cm
ISBN: 9789491843563