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2020 / Geert Goiris

Roma Publication 391

Around the year 1124, a community of Benedictines settled on the Wivina site at Groot-Bijgaarden in modern-day Belgium. Archaeological research has uncovered the remains of five consecutive churches and outbuildings there. The current chapel from 1924 is still intact. In 2011 interior architect Tom Callebaut led the transformation of this chapel into a contemporary space for contemplation. Nine years later, photographer Geert Goiris was invited to visualize the experience of this space, which is still a beacon of theology and reflection. A text by Herman Lombaerts accompanies the series of images. 

Limited edition of 500 copies.

(more images on www.romapublications.org)

Artist: Geert Goiris
In cooperation with: VLP, Groot-Bijgaarden
Year: 2020
Design: Roger Willems
Number of pages: 44 + 16
Size: 28 x 36 cm
ISBN: 9789492811813

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